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Post Construction Cleaning

Whether it's a new home, major construction projects or remodeling, our team of expert cleaners can put the "shine" on your new project. We can provide quotes and scopes of work that will make your clients appreciate your construction efforts.

Major Construction Projects

We can work with contractors to:

•  Clean all ceramic in bathrooms and flooring

•  Clean windows inside and out; working with licensed lift operators

•  Clean all interior glass and mirrors

•  Remove all construction dust

•  Strip and wax new VCT/LVT tile flooring

•  Clean carpet

•  Remove debris

New Home And Remodeling Construction

Before you move into your new home, we can:

•  Clean all windows, inside and out, and remove paint

•  Clean kitchens and appliances

•  Remove construction dust

•  Make bathrooms shine, cleaning all surfaces and fixtures

•  Clean all flooring, regardless of the surface

•  Clean fire places

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